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autohotkey script at windows startup

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Jackie Sztuk _Blackholyman
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Try using a shortcut to your exe file in the startup folder

Or put a delay at the top off your script
Or make another script and use the run command to start your other exe

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Thanks for the reply!


Try using a shortcut to your exe file in the startup folder

Well, that is one of the methods that is not working.


As to the idea about a delay: well, so far I can see, my scripts never get executed at all, so I fear that won't work. That leaves the idea of trying to get something else, which launches my AHK programs, to run at boot. I think I'll try that! I do wonder what is causing the problem in the first place. EDIT: I think the cause is some problem with my Windows user profiles. Anyhoo, I'll report back on how the work around (start via another program) works.


Thanks again.