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Multiple Keyboard Setup

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This is how I setup my multiple keyboards with Autohothey.


There are other posts in the forum on how to achieve this setup, but I just figured that I would share mine.


The setup is pretty easy, but involves using HIDMacros to determine which keyboard you are using and your compiled autohothey script. 


HIDMacros has a feature to launch programs, so in the run application box, I added the file path to my compiled script (exe) and then added a space and then the id of the script I want to run. The trick is to set up your script to accept command parameters and then return the correct script.


Here is how I setup the script before I compiled it:


;Receives Input

;Sends to Function
MyNewVar := ProcessAction(a)

if (n="word")
	run, winword.exe
else if (n="calc")
	run, calc.exe
else if (n="searchgoogle")
    send, ^c
    sleep 50
    run, http://www.google.com/search?q=%clipboard%

;end funtion

So the field in HIDMacros is this:


<filepathtoscript>\MyAHKScripts.exe word

<filepathtoscript>\MyAHKScripts.exe calc

<filepathtoscript>\MyAHKScripts.exe searchgoogle


Works like a charm.