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Comparing two images

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I want to know how is it possible to compare two images in order to know if there the same or not

For example I want to compare Img1 (in X directory ) with Img2 (in Y directory).


Thank you



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Did you search the forum? http://www.autohotke...mparing-images/

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Try this:
MsgBox % Memory_Compare(img1,img2)
  return VarSetCapacity(mem2)=DllCall("ntdll\RtlCompareMemory","PTR",&mem1,"PTR",&mem2,"PTR",len?len:VarSetCapacity(mem2))

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for an exact match both would have to be the same size and shape and every pixel would have to be an identical match to the corresponding pixel in the other one. once you have the images you could for example load one into mspaint and do an image compare with the other one. or you could do a byte-by-byte comparison of the two with a binary file read on both files then try comparing the two in-memory areas.
Before you do though you might want to take a look at this article.

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You can also try 3rd program, BeyondComapre.

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This whole thing also reminds me of an interesting script: http://www.autohotke...-in-two-images/


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(Replying to old thread sorry)
For all you googlers like me with the same problem, I have come up with a somewhat simple workaround to finding duplicate images.
At first I was using the file size to determine if 2 images were the same. But 1 out of every 1000 or so you'll come across an image that isn't duplicate but share the same file size, flagging a false result. I tried the MD5 hash technique but I was still getting the same hash result somehow.
So then I tried to read the contents of the file to a variable and compare. But even after using a FileRead *c or *t or every other combination of this command, I could only get the first few binary characters of the file which is identical to every other image.
To circumvent this, I did a "Loop Read" of the image and FileAppended every line back to a text file. Then compared the filesizes again. This however takes a long time when reading every line of an image when you have thousands to go through. So first I short listed the results into groups of %filesize%.txt files... Which is hard to explain in writing so here is the code: (Ughhhh i get a dark screen in 3 different browsers when press the code format button. If a mod can please convert this into code I appreciate it thanks).
; Part 1 of Duplicate image checking - File Sizes
Loop, pages\images\*.*
FileAppend, %A_LoopFileName%`n, pages\images\sizes\%A_LoopFileSize%.txt ; contents of sizes txt file contains the name of the image file
Loop, pages\images\sizes\*.txt ; cycle through sizes files
file = %A_LoopFileName%
Loop Read, pages\images\sizes\%file% ; read lines of file
If A_Index > 1
FileCopy, pages\images\sizes\%file%, Duplicate-%file%
; Part 2 of Duplicate image checking - Contents Check
Loop, Duplicate*
file = %A_LoopFileName%
Loop Read, %file%
imagefile = %A_LoopReadLine%
Loop Read, pages\images\%imagefile%
FileAppend, %A_LoopReadLine%, %imagefile% ; reading and then writing binary data from the image to a text file
Loop, *.jpg
FileAppend, %A_LoopFileName%`n, Checked-%file%-%A_LoopFileSize%.txt ; if the binary data is different then the file sizes are different
FileDelete *.jpg
; Part 3 - Final Check - everything that is in FinalCheck* are the actual duplicate images
Loop, Checked*
file = %A_LoopFileName%
Loop Read, %file% ; read lines of file
If A_Index > 1
FileCopy, %file%, FinalCheck-%file%