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Read .ini backwards

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There is an inbuilt function in AHK to read ini file values when Section and Key are given. I've faced a couple of times when I needed the opposite, I had the value and had to know the Section and Key.

This little function gives the following:
section of the value
Key of the value
line no. in .ini file


Loop, Read, %IniFile%
        IfInString, A_LoopReadLine,[
        IfInString, A_LoopReadLine,]
        SetEnv, Section, %A_LoopReadLine%
        StringGetPos, EqPos, A_LoopReadLine, =
        StringTrimLeft, Value, A_LoopReadLine, %EqPos%
        IfInString, Value, %tofind%
                StringLeft, Found, A_LoopReadLine, %EqPos%
                ;Available info:
                ;%Section% = section of the value
                ;%ToFind% = value to be found
                ;%Found% = Key of the value
                ;%a_index% = line no. in .ini file
                Msgbox,0,Found, %Section%`n`n%Found%=%ToFind%`n`n(Line %a_index%)


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