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HID Profiler - Wheel, Joystik, HOTAS

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Wheels, Joystick HOTAS, ... mouse, keyboard, these are all Human Interface Devices. This is what my contribution is all about. As I could benefit from some good ones we can find from other members in these forums. I got a kick start from this one: AHKHID - An AHK implementation of the HID functions. Thanks to TheGood, that was a very good answer to this question: what could I possibly do with AutoHotkey to get the most out of my new sim racing wheel.

My initial goal was to create a tool allowing me to map all buttons to some AHK commands. And one week work later, I'm satisfied with the results so far. But, along the way of getting acquainted with MS HID concepts, I realized that I can go far beyond that point, and I went on to the path of auto editing and - to my surprise - it did not get me into the usual messy stuff resulting from this kind of euphoria.
The thing is it looks like it's becoming a means of programming anything addressable through the HID interface... and that's a lot.

Currently, its a work in progress in its early stage and I will welcome any thoughtful suggestions.













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Thanks for making this program. I end up on this site after struggling with TheGood's script on my machine. It would run, but nothing would be detected. Your script, however, correctly identified the devices - essentially making ahkhid.ahk to work. I have Autohotkey on Windows 7 x64. When I skimmed your code, you entered some lines that check OS version. ('bVista') Could you tell me if you encountered a similar problem as I did and if so, how you got around such problem?

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Sorry for the late answer but I tend not to come here very often as I thought I was the only one interested by the subject...


About  Windows version (bVista meaning whether the running OS is version 6 or higher), it worked fine for me the first time I used AHKKID.ahk.

Meaning I have nothing useful to say about any device identification problem related to windows version.

Mine is Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bits - SP1.


On my side, the code in file SUB/VIDPID.ahk catches all my USB devices correctly with some calls to AHKHID_GetDevType() and AHKHID_GetDevInfo().

Then you have to identify Vendor ID and Product ID of interest with some cooking method of your own.

As of now, I took care only about those devices I have but it should not be difficult to add many more.


If you have some particular issue you could describe, I can investigate using what I learned during the process of building this script.