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How can I be sure the AHK is safe ?

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It is reasonably safe. As stated it is only as good as the person writing the script. I know personally I use this for a lot of tasks at work. The most notable thing I can think of it is because of AHK saves me like 3 or 4 hours each week doing a report that automates a payment application. The information I gather I first use Excel to verify it is correct, then I run it loose and I rarely supervise it.  But again you must trust whoever is putting the scripts on the computer.


I'd like to think that AHK has a good enough reputation that those who have spent countless hours working on the site and code would be beyond hiding the source.  The community in general is amazing-- I can't think of a specific user who has really rubbed me as the type to misuse ahk to an extreme. There are some pranksters in the community but nothing serious damaging enough that I'd say avoid the forums. 


Just take a look around peoples posts and you'll see that the people here are friendly and willing to help.

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Frankly... If somebody wanted to hack your computer, they wouldn't be using AHK to do it.

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I just wanted to add a quick comment here.


Autohotkey is hot, so hot that more people should know about it and use it.


The thing I want point out is that acceptance by new users who are a novice to scripting/programing may not understand what all of you seem to understand.


I would argue that it would be worth while to address this issue head on so that there is no misunderstand for users who might be hesitating to download and use AHK. "You've heard about hackers and maybe you feel like AHK could be dangerous since it can do so many awesome things. Well here why you have no reason to fear because<Insert easy to understand explanation>.....  Now that you have a better understanding of why you should not fear AHK , here are some rules of the road to follow to make sure you stay and safe.<Insert tips and advice>