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Right click + Left click hotkey

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I've been working on a script that would allow me to do something in the lines of:

Rbutton & Lbutton::
Send a

This works as expected, but of course, it retains right click as a modifier and that's a problem.

I also tried adding ~ at the beginning (so it would ignore the modifier status), but that's not what I need. It also right clicks upon me pressing right click, at the beginning of the script and also only presses a, ignorng the click within the script

Someone suggested I added Rbutton::Rbutton at the end, after return, but that didn't work for me.

What I'm doing, actually, is making a hotkey for attack-clicking in Dota to add to my script list. Some heroes have weird spell hotkeys and it's sometimes quite uncomfortable to also keep a finger on the A key, or I just want to drink some water, but not lose my denying capabilities. Just figure I'd simplify that a little bit.

I also considered some sort of IF command, which would be more complicated, but if it worked...Something like Rubutton:: IF Rbutton is pressed, pressing Lbutton would trigger "a" and a left click, else, just click Rbutton normally. I don't exactly know how this would work, but it sorta makes sense in my mind.



So, what I want is something that, when I right and left click, one after the other, presses a and left clicks, but also when I only right click, it would work normally (yeah, normal mouse, so...)


Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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Try something like this:

  If !ErrorLevel {
    Send {Click}a
  Send {RButton Down}
  Send {RButton Up}

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Yup, it's working.




I just modified DT to 0.1, reversed {Click} and a, so it would be "Send a{Click}" and tested it ingame. It works.