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keyboard filter

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KBD filter driver (above mentioned kind) can not control Power-Off/Sleep/Wake keys.
Try it with Control Panel, You could make those keys as normal ones. But only just 95%.

Good Luck.

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hey guys,

if anyone is still looking to do this, they may want to check out HID macros. After extensive googling, this is what i came to and its pretty sweet.


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i've tried the hidmacros, unfortunately when we use the same hotkey for hidmacros and ahk, the ahk hotkey is being prioritized -- which is not good because only hidmacros can detect from which device the keys were coming from.

this script would detect keys that come from the second keyboard by reading an earlier F24 key that sent whenever a key in the second keyboard pressed.

	secondhid := 1
	if (secondhid)
		; MsgBox kb2
		secondhid := 0
		hotkey := SubStr(A_ThisHotkey,3)
		; pass the keys from kb2 or use call custom function here
		send {blind}%hotkey%
	} else
		hotkey := SubStr(A_ThisHotkey,3)
		send {blind}%hotkey%

the only thing it needs is the kbfiltr that would send F24 before every key sent from the second keyboard (which, unfortunately, i have failed to create). hopefully this script will be useful, shall anyone be able to provide the kbfiltr :)

(maybe would needs some fixes here and there, haven't tested it yet & i'm new in ahk)

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Hello evrerybody ,
first thanks to all for the contributions , thank you hamlet for directing to this page from ableton forums, and thanks yorick for the amazing solution ( as it appears to me ) , i have been searching for days about a way that will enable me to use a second or even third usb keyboard to control a musical interface since where am from it is not a choice, midi controllers are rare to find, and very expensive, you can google " midi control morocco " . so this would be the only way i can get hands on control with my musical apps . the only problem is like am completely ignorant of programing, i downloaded interception and ran it as admin and a black box pops up then disappears . i would love to learn how to do it myself but it is really inaccessible for me . and all i want to do is to have a second keyboard with all the keys (or most of the alphabet ones ) shifted ( key + shift) . can anyone walk me through , maybe a source code or something i can run . help will be much much appreciated .
thank you in advance
ps: it feels really nice to be in the one forum that offers solution for this technical matter ( it is a technical prowess from where i stand )