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Auto attack and auto heal on tales of pirates

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Hello members


First of all, my grammar suck but ... i hope you will understand ....

I'm totally new with autohotkey , i heard it's awesome program but i don't know that script language... so i need your help if is possible...

I play tales of pirates and Game screen move when you move with character (it's not like wow to move on wsad, you move by pressing with mouse on screen where you want to you character go )


That means that my character is always in center of my screen and i put mouse in center of screen and when monster attack me he come to me and come below mouse and mouse click on target and kill the target but slowly enemies taking my HP and i can survive like 5 minutes... now this is my script which i use on very weak enemies 


Sleep, 3000

MouseClick, left
Sleep, 2000


Does anyone know to make script which will use F5 when my hp goes below 75% of my whole hp?

Thanks!!! Jan!


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You probably want to use SetTimer:
Sleep, 3000
SetTimer, PressF5, 10000 ; go to the "PressF5" label every 10 seconds (10000 milliseconds)
SetTimer, ClickMouse, 2000 ; same for ClickMouse
Return ; need a "return" to wrap up the auto-execute section

PressF5: ; label name is arbitrary
Send {F5}
Return ; need a "return" to show your label is done

MouseClick, left


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Thanks!! You solve my problem!!! Thankss man!!

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Where can i insert this code?

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Korey: if you're new to AHK, try starting here - http://www.autohotke...cs/Tutorial.htm


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