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Possible bug when using Indexed BMPs with "Gui,Color"

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When using "Gui,Color" to change the background color of a window, it will also change the color of all 0xF3F4F4 pixels, the default background color, in Indexed BMP as you can see in the image below. Both boxes are pixel-for-pixel the same, but the left one is saved as RGB, while the right one is an Indexed BMP.




My sample script below shows the issue, it creates an Image folder in the Script Directory, and downloads the two images to that folder.


#SingleInstance, Force
#NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
#Warn  ; Recommended for catching common errors.
SetWorkingDir, %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.

Dropbox := "https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/517697/AHK%20Stuff/"

IfNotExist, %A_ScriptDir%\images\
    FileCreateDir, %A_ScriptDir%\images\
IfNotExist, %A_ScriptDir%\images\F3F4F4_RGB.bmp
    UrlDownloadToFile, %Dropbox%F3F4F4_RGB.bmp, %A_ScriptDir%\images\F3F4F4_RGB.bmp
IfNotExist, %A_ScriptDir%\images\F3F4F4_Index.bmp
    UrlDownloadToFile, %Dropbox%F3F4F4_Index.bmp, %A_ScriptDir%\images\F3F4F4_Index.bmp

Gui, Color, FF00FF
Gui, Add, Picture, x5  y5 vBackground1 0x4000000, images\F3F4F4_RGB.bmp
Gui, Add, Picture, x+5 y5 vBackground2 0x4000000, images\F3F4F4_Index.bmp
Gui, Show, w115 h60


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AltSubmit does the job. ( http://www.autohotke...ols.htm#Picture )

Gui, Add, Picture, x+5 y5 vBackground2 0x4000000 AltSubmit, images\F3F4F4_Index.bmp


Specifying the word AltSubmit in Options tells the program to use Microsoft's GDIPlus.dll to load the image, which might result in a different appearance for GIF, BMP, and icon images. For example, it would load an ICO/GIF that has a transparent background as a transparent bitmap, which allows the BackgroundTrans option to take effect. If GDIPlus is not available (see next paragraph), AltSubmit is ignored and the image is loaded using the normal method.

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