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Are the US legal slots worth it?

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I use to play slots online, and I didn't do to bad. A little wile ago they stopped letting me play becouse online slots wern't legal in the us any more. Now they are letting us play but the games are diffrent. Dose anyone know if their really is a diffrince, or are they just diffrent games?


 casino slots

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Kinda yes.


more info about Java



more info about Flash


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The long and the short is that you can do just about anything with both...


Flash is a lightweight-high interactivity platform. 


Java is a legitimate OOP language.   Java applets (objects that you can embed in a webpage) can run things like games, or tools.   They aren't great with video (they can be, but java and DLL calls / Memory handling is a touchy subject), so most people use flash for that over java.


In essence, the biggest difference is about development.   Java is a platform that deals in object oriented development, flash is aimed at graphical development and interactions.