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Access QT Framework controls (QWidget) in applications like VLC

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Hi, I'd like to access controls in QT Framwork/QWidget applications like VLC video player.


The authotkey window spy tool doesn't show individual controls for QT applications. In the case of VLC it doesn't show any individual controls for the buttons, video position and volume sliders, etcetera. But I'm looking for a way to read and act on those controls using autohotkey.


The Ranorex Spy tool shows all the controls and control data I need for VLC and some other QT applications. But it requires that you run the tool, move the mouse over VLC and then keep  Ranorex running at all times you want to access the QT controls. It is possible to script those steps a bit but there's no getting around opening the Ranorex window it seems.


Does anyone know of another way to get at those QT controls in VLC using autohotkey and possible some other tool? Using only AHK would be the best of course. But other tools that work similar to Ranorex Spy and runs silently or stays minimized from the start would be useful too.


I already know about the hotkeys and other built in ways to communicate with a running VLC instance but it doesn't do the things I want so forget about that for the moment. Besides I'm also interested in finding a way to access QT controls from autohotkey in general, not just controls in VLC.

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Did you (or anybody else) ever figure this out? Trying to interact with Divvy which appears to be written with QT Framework and as you said I don't get any individual controls through spy, or other methods.

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Just did a test on VLC with the Acc lib seems to work okay

have a look http://www.autohotke...ase-2012-09-20/

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