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saving bitmap as 24bit bmp

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Saving a bitmap using Tic's gdip.ahk as a bmp results in a 32bit bmp.Anyone who knows how to change it to 24bit?It is the only place i still need to use irfanview to get it done.


It is difficult to find info regarding the encoderparameters if anyone has a link to info that would help me a lot!




winXP  and ahk unicode

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Hi noname,


I don't know about encoder parameters, and I tried to find out, but here is a way to create a 24bit bmp using:

  • Gdip_CloneBitmapArea
  • Gdip_CreateBitmap


In the Gdip.ahk it has the functions:

Gdip_CreateBitmap(Width, Height, Format=0x26200A)
    DllCall("gdiplus\GdipCreateBitmapFromScan0", "int", Width, "int", Height, "int", 0, "int", Format, "uint", 0, "uint*", pBitmap)
    Return pBitmap

Gdip_CloneBitmapArea(pBitmap, x, y, w, h, Format=0x26200A)
	DllCall("gdiplus\GdipCloneBitmapArea", "float", x, "float", y, "float", w, "float", h
	, "int", Format, "uint", pBitmap, "uint*", pBitmapDest)
	return pBitmapDest

Notice the 'Format': this is setting it to 32 bit by default, if you however send this value '0x00021808' instead of using the default BAM! you got a 24 bit image.


Grabbed this from the example # 5:

Just replace:

pBitmap := Gdip_CreateBitmap(400, 400)


pBitmap := Gdip_CreateBitmap(400, 400, 0x00021808)

My script runs in A_AhkVersion:=, get the latest version at http://ahkscript.org/download/

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Read the documentation: http://ahkscript.org.../AutoHotkey.htm

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Thanks lifeweaver you made my day happy.png



The image i need to save is on the clipboard so i used this workaround using your suggestion of creating a 24bitmap.Probably it is not the most efficient but it works and in the end that is what counts!


I have been looking at changing the encoderparameters but i could not find any listing of the details.

SetBatchLines, -1

outfile:="image" A_Now ".bmp"

If !pToken := Gdip_Startup()
    MsgBox, 48, gdiplus error!, Gdiplus failed to start. Please ensure you have gdiplus on your system


pBitmap := Gdip_CloneBitmapArea(pBitmap_clip,0,0,w, h,0x00021808)
Gdip_SaveBitmapToFile(pBitmap, outfile)



winXP  and ahk unicode

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Probably it is not the most efficient but it works

Seems to be the only way. To acheive the same in Classic GDI, you will have to create a new 24BPP Bitmap ( matching size ) and bitblt from the source.