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FFXIV ARR Assistant (crafting and harvest bot)

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First i want to tank you for this app it really help a lot.


I have this app running at home on my main computer (gamma 0 and with the game mode coz i like to see my crafting).

I'm trying to make it work on my laptop too but so far no luck. I tryed with gamma to 0-50-100 and no luck i reseted all my visual to default and I made sure that HRD is on. I'm out of solution and I'm sure it's something easy/retarded on my part. If it helps I'm on windows 8 on my laptop(no working) and windows 7 on main computer working on game mode.


On game mode it ells me that it can't find the crafting window.


Thank you


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Hey Temil, after the recent update the program has been having a really hard time locating the crafting log. 

Not sure if it's because of the slight changes they made with it, but I can probably locate the crafting log with 1/10 tries, and it won't make more than 1 synthesis. 

Steps work perfectly as before though.


I even tried adding me pictures at gamma 0 and still no luck. 

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good morning 
today is 
09-17-2014 @ 11:33:01

i hope you are still checking on this thread
but same as above

since the update (( yesterday )) 
it wont recognize
the crafting window

and after a while it will say
"" not found "" or something like that.

if you can still work on the project 
please advise :).  

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It's sad that he isn't working on this anymore, it was great while it lasted!

I tried to take a shot at it but i'm not nearly as skilled with these things. 

Not sure what else to try, I've added in many new pictures with all gamma levels. 

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Did a solution provided fix your issue? please mark as "Answered" if so. thank you!