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Site is broken. Fix it!!!

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This theme is less user friendly than the old one.

Why we dont use a theme like the one from autoit?
Its more user friendly and the code boxes work great!
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If you hover a post the timestamp should appear along with other buttons like: "Back To Top", "Report", "Quote", etc.

You are right. But that sucks. There is a lot of unused space on the post banner, it could easily be part of it.
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It's Fixed. 

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Please change the face of the site.


1. Current theme spend much place for nothing - too big header / too big footer - and no place for code - must scroll with mouse 

2. Code field ultra unpleasant - must be scrolled with mouse only too - and viewed only 5,6 lines


This forum is for posting code and comments - but theme got accent to headers, footers and buttons and the major functionality missing.

1.Code fields must be bigger and code must be highlighted.

2.User / Reader must read code EASY but not to drag some scrollers up/down just to read next piece of code.

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I'm pretty sure this isnt going to happen.

Visit the new forum ahkscript.org.


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There isn't a problem with the new theme.  It has a Metro look, and it's layout is bold.  I hate scroll bars on pages or icons that are extremely small, my eyes are still good and I hope they stay like that as I get older. Either way the theme is good, easy to navigate.