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The future of the forum: Poll

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Poll: The future of the forum: (103 member(s) have cast votes)

How should we proceed?

  1. Keep everything like it is (3 votes [2.91%])

    Percentage of vote: 2.91%

  2. Migrate to a new server but (try to) get the domain "autohotkey.com" from Polyethene (73 votes [70.87%])

    Percentage of vote: 70.87%

  3. Migrate to a new server and use a new domain, but keep "AutoHotkey" as name (12 votes [11.65%])

    Percentage of vote: 11.65%

  4. Voted Migrate to a new server and re-brand AutoHotkey completely (12 votes [11.65%])

    Percentage of vote: 11.65%

  5. Other (please explain) (3 votes [2.91%])

    Percentage of vote: 2.91%

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The forum is a greater source of information than the actual documentation and examples. Therefore, preserving the forum's database should be one of the highest priorities. Failing that, saving a static archived version. So whatever happens, the person that can send it to /dev/null shouldn't be pissed off.


Changing the name -even to one more suitable- would make information on the rest of the internet more fragmented and would overall be strange for new users. However, for v2 it might actually be desirable to use a different name, due to the lack of backward compatibility. A new name makes it easier to identify scripts tailored to- and compatible with the new version. One can then always look into v1 scripts knowing modifications may be needed. Can you imagine you have to go to every script to see if it is ANSI/Unicode and Basic/L/V2


I could care less whether the domain I navigate to is autohotkey.com or something like autohotkeyresource.com. Old forum links could easily be parsed to the new location, either in the DB or saved copy.



If (A_AhkVersion < 2)

Puzzled Greatly
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I think it is important to move servers as the current situation is unstable at best. Even if we got better access today who's to say we wouldn't lose it tomorrow? It would be nice to keep the old domain but in a way it could be better to get a new one - a fresh start. Then if we get the old domain have it point to the new one. When I first found out about AutoHotKey I found the name too long. I prefer AHK. I'm not in favour of a drastic name change. I like the idea of an AHK Foundation and the vision of a community working together and helping each other out is inspiring.

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seems like poly was online and voted #1 ;)

XD hahaha!!!
Why ahkscript.org? - autohotkey.com is outdated

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Spoiler Show is completely broken on my plain text-only page now!

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seems like poly was online and voted #1 wink.png

lol if thats true, it shows that there is no hope at all

this guy ignores all requests and discussion and instead trolls everyone

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2nd then 3rd then 4th ... but first 2nd

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2nd sounds best, 3rd and 4th as alternatives, 1 should be out of the question.


Freeware is 1000x better with a good community.

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Thanks for the poll.
I also think that it is worth mentioning that for any migrating, we will try to get the current database of this forum, such that we don't lose any information.
In the case that we are not able to do that (or similar, like get the domain) there would be little that we can do, and I would suspect that we would try to do the next most voted option.

Great! :)
That way we don't lose anything!

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If that fails

  • Talk to Lexikos, whether he is willing to manage the project and the forums on his own. Possibly on the basis of donations, if there can't be found a free solution.

Does Lexikos even want the job?  


I'm torn on this idea.  I'd happily join a subscription based service (similar to Warrior Forum) provided it meant more face time with talented programmers like Lexikos & the like.  But I say that today after having learned a great deal & becoming invested in AHK.  If it were not free from the start, I probably would not have signed up.  Maybe an option for top tier support for paid members while still allowing free membership?



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Hi All,


I have had a suspicion for awhile now that Google has undue influence on this forum. The search is nothing like it used to be. Using only 2 words usually results in "not found". Advanced search is not much better. I can often get a better search if I "exit" out and search with Google. Maybe that is the goal. If it is Google, the world should know.


As far as raising funds goes, ahk should be a powerhouse of useful apps that could be sold to millions while still maintaining the open door we all love. The compiler on ahk L as far as I know is much less secure than the old ahk, 

I see the new ahk L as a trade off.

You can get more advanced features at the expense of exe files that can be easily decompiled, hence less worthwhile

to invest in commercially. I must say that when I invested years in the old ahk, and see the new ahk L being the only

option more and more, I feel betrayed. You reap what you sow.


So I would reccomend improving the compiler to make to it commercial grade secure, and rasing enormous funds through a community effort to create sellable secure products. Maybe even give shares to the contributors on a product. Like you can make a few bucks on a youtube video.


So if money is available, there should be a way to satisfy polly.

This kind of power may be a perceived threat to some big companies like MS, Google, et al however, so I can't say

how it would turn out. But money usually helps.


Who owned the domain before? How did polly get it? What is his/her/their price?


My message to polly whoever you are: You have a goldmine on your hands. Take a piece, and get out of the way.


Maybe Chris has contact info ?


When I asked bixtor,  "who runs the Autohotkey organization", he thought it is was Lexicos.


I say keep it the same until we know more, but get busy knowing more. As the docs oath says:

"Above all do no harm".


Who is leading the revolt btw?

Alibaba:  Member Since 01 Nov 2012, from saxony?

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Don't bother Lexikos...


I have been following the discussions. I'll go along with whatever happens, as I have no desire to take on any more responsibilities than I already have.


Foundation, association, combination, organization, partnership, society, fellowship, union, coupling, assembly, council, copartnership, brotherhood, collectivity or other establishment... Name it as you want, but the idea is to dispatch the work and the power...


@Visioneer: - There aren't a leader, just look at vote and threads, it is a lot of successive events that are irritating... -We can send a mail with us history to google if we move, their goal is to give the most usefull information.

-About security just use mpress as ahk used upx, try to found a decompress is hard an illegal (but possible), or the dll load exploit in this forum... it will be never secure!

-To make money will give things more complicated, and it is an other mindset. Donnation can be out of taxation because of foundation state, depends of country and laws, you will need a treasury. BUT we don't need, for example at one.com you have a free domain and server during one year... else 30$ per year is enough...

I am angry, and I want to say a "we don't negociate with terrorist" if you talk about a "kidnaping".

"You annoy me, therefore I exist."

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Who is leading the revolt btw?

Alibaba:  Member Since 01 Nov 2012, from saxony?


No, Zaelia is right, there is no leader. I wouldn't even call it a "revolt". It's a completely democratic voting.

I only made the poll. happy.png

btw, i was active a long time before 1st November, 2012 in the german forum. But then we were forced to move...

Find the recent autohotkey version here: ahkscript.org

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Money doesn't work on Poly.

He's only doi'n Projects he is interested in.

As Drainx1 said he just doesn't have a Win PC, so no use for AHK.

A lot of us already wanted a change.

What Drainx1 said was the Ignition.

Visit the new forum ahkscript.org.


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Make a C++ lib for Mac & Linux? Lol, wine doesn't work very well :p
Why ahkscript.org? - autohotkey.com is outdated

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So it appears in a casual retaliatory endeavor Poly has deleted DrainX Posts (10:42 eastern time) as of this morning any any posts he has ever made. I guess I'm next


Rather than respond or open some dialog he just mutes out dissention 

Never lose.