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Reset Created/Accessed/Modified attribute

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I have four or so files that I would like to "reset" their Created, Modified, Accessed attributes to a specific date and time once those specific files (in certain directories) are opened/used/accessed etc.
Is there a way to do this with AHK so that it monitors these files and once "finished with" the C/M/A attributes can be applied to. E.g.:

My Documents\Test\file1.txt
My Documents\Test\file2.doc
My Documents\Test\file3.gif
These 3 files were all created on 25 Sep 2004 at 13:00:00

If I were to open any or all of the above listed files today, I want AHK to reset the attributes to 25 Sep 2004 at 13:00:00.
Anyone help me out please?
Thanks very much.

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getFileTimes(file,byref ftCreate,byref ftAccess,byref ftModify)
   hFile:=dllCall("CreateFileA", "str",file, "uint",0x80000000, "uint",1|2, "uint",0, "uint",3, "uint",0, "uint",0)
   ifEqual,hFile,-1, return
   dllCall("GetFileTime", "uint",hFile, "int64p",ftCreate, "int64p",ftAccess, "int64p",ftModify)
   dllCall("CloseHandle", "uint",hFile)
   return true

setFileTimes(file, ftCreate, ftAccess, ftModify)
   hFile:=dllCall("CreateFileA", "str",file, "uint",0xC0000000, "uint",1|2, "uint",0, "uint",3, "uint",0, "uint",0)
   ifEqual,hFile,-1, return
   dllCall("SetFileTime", "uint",hFile, "int64p",ftCreate, "int64p",ftAccess, "int64p",ftModify)
   dllCall("CloseHandle", "uint",hFile)
   return true