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Mac-like text editing, command-tab app switcher, drives on the desktop, and more!

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I made this a while ago and realized I should probably do a better job of sharing it so it doesn't go to waste. I will make changes to the script as requested (it was written for my very specific needs and hasn't been updated in 10 months), but here's what it currently does:


* Disables alt-tab window switching and adds a command-tab app switcher very similar to the one used on OS X (technically it's control-tab, but I swapped the Control and Windows keys on my system)


* Provides the Mac shortcuts for text editing, like option-arrow to jump by word, command-arrow to jump by line, option-e-e for é, etc.


* Disables tapping the Windows or Alt keys to show the Start Screen or menu bar, as that was driving me nuts.


* Shows mounted volumes on the Desktop by creating and deleting shortcuts


* Uses a modified TBarIconBlanker to change the window proxy icons to a gray triangle, because why not.



* Command-Q quits the current app, Command-H hides the app, Command-space for system search, command-option-escape for Force Quit, shift-command-A for the Programs folder, etc.


* Relaunches WizMouse if it crashes (pretty good chance I'll be removing this)




(It's called WinLikeOSX.ahk. You can ignore the other stuff in there.)


I'm pretty sure this requires AutoHotKey L to run.



(also, this was my first AutoHotKey script, so I apologize for any horrendous syntax usage)