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Trying to write a hot key to bring a program, not a window, to the top and activate

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Hi all,


So I am trying to write a hot key that will bring a window, and all the windows assocaited with it, to the top of the screen.  (I hope I am correct in refering to this as a "program" instead of a window)


Specifically, I want to press F12, and bring my instant messaging buddy list, and all the open chat windows, to the top.  So far i have this script:



;F12 will bring "Buddy List" to top and activate window

    SetTitleMatchMode 2
    IfWinExist Buddy List
        WinSet Top




The problem I run into here is that each chat window has a different window name depending on who I am messaging.  Is there anyway to bring the buddy list and all associated windows to the top?



*** Additionally, I have been playing around with WinMinimize, and I can't get it to work.  I want to minimize the window if it is already active and on top if the same hot key is pressed



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What about marking each window you want and setting always on top?

I can't give you an example but you'd use

WinGet, active_pid, PID, A



Winset, Alwaysontop, , A



Hope this helps


Edit: Perhaps you can get process ID instead?

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If you have pretty much the same 'buddies' each time you are using this program, then use windows spy to look at the title of each window that is revealed and the cabinet class of the program.


Then if you create a group in the autoexecute part of  your script: (this is an example from one of my scripts which does something when the two folders listed are opened)

GroupAdd, secure, ahk_class CabinetWClass,  GoogleDrive , non 
GroupAdd, secure, ahk_class CabinetWClass,  Run Apps, non 

Then you use the hotkey to activate the group

WinActivate, ahk_group secure ;(secure is the name that I gave to my group, you call it what you want for example 'buddy'