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by bobo8
08 Mar 2018, 06:41
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Topic: WinGetPos gives on some win bad values
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WinGetPos gives on some win bad values

Hi, the WinGetPos gives bad values on some windows whilst the Windows Spy gives correct values. I have happened to meet such windows a few times, now I remember only 2 - X1.exe (paid SW) and MyPhoneExplorer portable, for example: Windows Spy x: 322 y: 193 w: 1024 h: 1061 WinGetPos 1170, 194, 29, 29 ...
by bobo8
15 Dec 2015, 09:03
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: OnClipboardChange not reliable
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OnClipboardChange not reliable

Hi, I use OnClipboardChange in multiclipboard script, but quite often this function doesn't catch the clipboard. I have to reload the script. It happens mostly after PC awakening, but not only.
It happens on Win 7 32&64 bit and XP.

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