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Re: Suggestions on documentation improvements

05 Apr 2018, 09:21

If anyone wants the offline help with the old sidebar back, here's what you can do:

  1. Download and install Microsoft's HTML Help Workshop, if not already done (default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\HTML Help Workshop\)
  2. Download the current help files at GitHub and extract the zip file
  3. Search for compile_chm.ahk, open it in an editor and uncomment the lines after "use old sidebar" (currently line 31)
  4. Run compile_chm.ahk
  5. Search for the created AutoHotkey.chm in the same location as compile_chm.ahk
  6. Run AutoHotkey.chm (don't forget to check "Navigation Tabs" in the view menu, if it was previously unchecked)
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Re: Suggestions on documentation improvements

05 Apr 2018, 12:59

- Very nice Ragnar, thanks so much. I tested it and it created an old-style chm as stated. So it'll be interesting to see if that works for the people that wanted it.
- Btw I had thought that I'd read that Microsoft's HTML Help Workshop was a commercial product, but this appears to freely available, direct from Microsoft. Hmm.

- [EDIT:] Re. BlockInput. The word 'and' should probably be changed to 'or'. I use Windows 7, and I recently discovered that BlockInput is not working on Notepad, unless the script is run as admin.
Note: Mode 1 and 2 might have no effect if UAC is enabled and the script has not been run as administrator. For more information, refer to the FAQ.
Block Input not working? - Ask for Help - AutoHotkey Community
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06 Apr 2018, 08:19

EXITAPP states, rather succinctly, that it "Terminates the script unconditionally." But, that is not entirely correct. It goes on to say in the REMARKS "The script is immediately terminated unless it has an OnExit subroutine."

I think the second stipulation is EXTREMELY important and should be not be construed as explanatory material (as I take the remarks section to be) and that it should be included with the first sentence of the command's doc.
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Re: Suggestions on documentation improvements

14 Apr 2018, 10:36

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Re: Suggestions on documentation improvements

18 Apr 2018, 16:40

inspired by

the docs on object property syntax seem very arcane to me, see ... s_property

how is one to infer from the snippet provided

Code: [Select all] [Download] GeSHi © Codebox Plus

get {
return ...
set {
return ... := value

that theyre actually meant to use this instead:

Code: [Select all] [Expand] [Download] GeSHi © Codebox Plus

you might argue that the example provided further below in the docs does a good enough job, but i disagree
it mixes the get/set meta function and property syntax, while trying to explain both at the same time. its just confusing af
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Re: Suggestions on documentation improvements

18 Apr 2018, 17:57

@iPhilip, I tried to create a list also, and found around 30 more items.
List of commands that affect ErrorLevel - AutoHotkey Community
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Re: Suggestions on documentation improvements

Yesterday, 20:17

I did another check of the command indexes.

Missing from AHK v1 list:
(also: LTrim/RTrim/SendEvent/#IncludeAgain)
(also: IfNotExist/IfNotInString/#IfWinNotActive/#IfWinNotExist)

Missing from AHK v2 list:
SubStr has a trailing space
(also: LTrim/RTrim/SendEvent/#IncludeAgain)
(also: DriveXXX/RandomSeed)
(also+: IL_XXX)

I know that arguably if Trim is there, you don't need to explicitly mention LTrim/RTrim etc. However, I think that actually, it's often a good idea to list every single function explicitly. It fixes things in the mind, and you don't get a surprise when you open the page and find further functions.

I've created this which may be of interest:
AutoHotkey syntax lists (text files) - AutoHotkey Community
And other lists, mentioned here:
list of every command/function/variable from across all versions - AutoHotkey Community

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