ALT+another_key sends ALT+CTRL

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ALT+another_key sends ALT+CTRL

08 Aug 2017, 11:09

I was trying to disable ALT+Tab functionality when playing games, and wrote a short script. !Tab::return Turns out the script sends ALT+CTRL when the ALT+TAB hotkey is triggered. Tested with other ALT+key as hotkey, CTRL is sent in most combinations. Tested it out with and, both URLs are to online keyboard tester. Someone else from the Discord server also tested and report that it also happens on their PC.
My details: AHK 64-bit, Windows 10 creators update
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Re: ALT+another_key sends ALT+CTRL

08 Aug 2017, 18:25

Alt Tab is built into the system, meaning that when you try to change or block it, it will overwrite any changes.
My suggestion is to go here: ... ab-hotkey/

Re: ALT+another_key sends ALT+CTRL

09 Aug 2017, 03:27

I've already looked into that before making this post. It's not about not being able to block/remove the ALT+TAB function.
Go ahead and try these few hotkeys

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!Tab::return	;sends alt+ctrl
!1::send G ;sends alt+ctrl then sends G
!2::send G ;sends alt+ctrl then sends G
!3::return ;does nothing
!4:return ;does nothing

hotkeys with send command mapped to it will send ALT+CTRL then proceeds to perform the send command, did not try with other commands tho.
alt+key does nothing when partner with return except alt+tab, which also sends ALT+CTRL
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Re: ALT+another_key sends ALT+CTRL

09 Aug 2017, 04:06

The sent control is intended, see #MenuMaskKey.

Re: ALT+another_key sends ALT+CTRL

10 Aug 2017, 01:54

Helgef wrote:The sent control is intended, see #MenuMaskKey.

Oh... okay then... I guess my deep digging is not deep enough.
Thanks for pointing out the #MenuMaskKey
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Re: ALT+another_key sends ALT+CTRL

12 Aug 2017, 16:34

Quite an amazing coincidence, I just went back to using Autohotkey after not using it for at least months and encountered a very similar problem. Even more amazingly today was the first time I entered the "Bug Reports" forum to post a different possible bug and saw your post a couple posts below mine by complete coincidence!!!

My issue was with the Send command sending Ctrl unexpectedly, this really should be better documented. Send sending controls and #MenuMaskKey having an effect on it is only mentioned in the release notes.

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