Possible bug with wildcard hotkey eclipsing other hotkey

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Possible bug with wildcard hotkey eclipsing other hotkey

12 Aug 2017, 14:35

From the wildcard documentation:
Wildcard hotkeys always use the keyboard hook, as do any hotkeys eclipsed by a wildcard hotkey. For example, the presence of *a:: would cause ^a:: to always use the hook.

However when I place the wildcard hotkey above the more specific one:

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*^a::MsgBox wildcard
^!a::MsgBox not wildcard

The ^!a hotkey doesn't use the hook, from ListHotkeys:
k-hook *^a
reg ^!a

When I switch their places it does use the hook:
k-hook ^!a
k-hook *^a

The result is that ^!a hotkey doesn't work if it's placed below *^a hotkey(unless #UseHook On was specified).

I tested it on the latest version and also on an old 1.14 version I have installed is this a bug or undocumented behavior?

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