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GuiControl, Focus

08 Oct 2017, 05:40

Button wrote:The example above includes the word Default in its Options to make "OK" the default button. The default button's action is automatically triggered whenever the user presses ENTER, except when the keyboard focus is on a different button ...

That's not true if you switch the keyboard focus to another button using GuiControl, Focus.

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This seems to be related to How to set focus in a dialog box and should be fixed, at least in v2.
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Re: GuiControl, Focus

10 Oct 2017, 19:56

I think it has more to do with *how* the button was clicked/focused. For example controlling the button via Tab I.E Tabstops, would focus the button via Tab. However if you click on the button it has a different "effect." This has happened to me before but just to be sure, I'd suggest to see if ControlGet instead of GuiControlGet would do anything different. I don't know as of right now, I'm too lazy to check :P

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