Unexpected hotkey triggers

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Unexpected hotkey triggers

21 Jan 2018, 07:34


I think there's a bug causing unexpected Hotkeys to trigger. In the following code:

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When I press Shift+Z, what gets triggered is Ctrl+Z [~^vk5A Up]. Why? I suppose it's a bug.

It's even weirder, if you choose to bind to ~^vk41 after the loop, and you use the Igbo kbd layout. When you press A [with no shift], it gets triggered.

Thank you.

Best regards, Marius.
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Re: Unexpected hotkey triggers

22 Jan 2018, 04:36

When I press Shift+Z, ~+vk5a is triggered.

I think it is more likely to be caused by some other part of your script or something else on your system.

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