banned from discord lol

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banned from discord lol

30 Dec 2017, 22:47

so a staff member banned me from discord. I was in general asking a question and noticed the active users went to the "bot" channel. I go in there and ask for some help and a user says this isnt the spot for asking questions, general is or something along those lines. I said that no one was helping me so that staff member that banned me said to read rule 5 or maybe it was rule 4 i dont remember. The rule said that people are not expected to help anyone at any time. So i said " all you had to say was no ffs" and then said "staff" right after with the quotations. I was then banned... i really dont see how this warrants a ban but if the people running the discord can ban for something like this then i want zero part in that discord. Like who bans people for that the discord is already dead, probably because they were all banned...
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Re: banned from discord lol

31 Dec 2017, 20:07

In the Discord server, you must follow the rules (Of course). The rule was, you may not have anyone to help you all the time, calm down, and wait a while for someone to help you. We may not be on/active/or even awake. There's more normal users than helpers.
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Re: banned from discord lol

01 Jan 2018, 07:08

Well I can't quite imagine what happened - since I don't find any messages around that time. I also can't imagine that you were only banned for asking for help in a different channel.
Well but of course it would be nice to have some comment from the person that took that acton and explain it themselves.
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Re: banned from discord lol

01 Jan 2018, 10:31

If you'd have read the rules and help section (which we explicitly notify new users to do), you would have seen this -

Code: [Select all] [Download] GeSHi © Codebox Plus

Being disrespectful to our volunteering Helpers or Staff because they won't help you with your script will get you insta-banned. Them being in the Helpers role does not make them obligated to help you.

People volunteering time from their day to help random people with their problems and questions expecting nothing in return is a quality of this community/discord I want to preserve, so on the discord we have a pretty strict punishment towards abuse/aggression towards these people.

Regarding why you were banned; you had been trying to get help in #general for a while, but because at that time the server is usually not very active (or maybe because of your attitude) you didn't get any. You, seeing that there was activity in the #bot_spam channel (we were testing a new feature for my discord bot), came down asking us specifically for help (which is also against the rules.)
We pointed you back to #general (as scripting help questions are not supposed to be asked in #bot_spam), and you said that you weren't getting any help there and that it was pointless. You followed saying something along the lines of "what's the point of having a discord server if you don't get help". I got taken back by this, finding it very rude to think that other people exist only to help you for free (and let it be noted: you had been getting a lot of help the day before/earlier). So I pointed you to rule #5 which states:

Code: [Select all] [Download] GeSHi © Codebox Plus

5. No one is required or expected to help you.
If no one wants to help you with your script, tough luck. Acting like a baby because of it will get you kicked/banned.

at which point you did indeed say "all you had to say was no ffs", "staff", and lastly "what's the point of having staff if they don't help", at which point I'd had enough pretentiousness and banned you.

Now obviously, we don't insta-ban everyone who shows a slight hint of aggression because they don't instantly get help. We're actually pretty relaxed on it because we know a lot of people don't bother reading rules. So with this in mind it's important to note this was not the first time you'd come in the server and had been showing irritation when you didn't get help within 5 minutes. At one point, where you had two people helping you are the same time (one of them being me), you said: "i give up, waste of my time making an account for this". I guess you could say my trigger-finger was a bit firmer than it would've been had it been the first time you ignored the rules.

CplCactus wrote:Like who bans people for that the discord is already dead, probably because they were all banned...

In the year the discord has been active, you mark the fourth person ever being banned. Considering how the activity we get I'd say that's a very low number.

nnnik wrote:Well I can't quite imagine what happened - since I don't find any messages around that time.

Discord, by default, clears messages sent within the last 24 hours from a banned user.
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Re: banned from discord lol

02 Jan 2018, 03:58

It takes a lot of effort to be banned on Discord, so consider yourself special.
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Re: banned from discord lol

02 Jan 2018, 22:11

i barely did anything at all. this was unjust. what a joke
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Re: banned from discord lol

04 Jan 2018, 18:29

barely anything

Please provide an equal quantity of information as the server admin has to prove the point.
try it and see

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