ReadProcessMemory speed ahk vs c++ Topic is solved

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ReadProcessMemory speed ahk vs c++  Topic is solved

01 Feb 2018, 20:49

Hello, i made an autopot in ahk (100% legal in this game) and speed is very important.
I wanted to know if the speed difference from ahk to c++ for a simple autopot that reads 4 addresses every 50ms is big enough to me write my autopot on c++.
Asking this instead of trying because i don't know about C++.
If someone can run a simple memory read on both ahk and c++ to check the difference would be great. Thank you.

Re: ReadProcessMemory speed ahk vs c++

26 Feb 2018, 20:23

If you're only checking 4 addresses every 50ms why are you worried about 'speed'? You'd be smart to try larger delays until you get the maximum wait you can with the same results instead of wasting clock cycles peeking memory every 50ms when you might only need to check it every second or 2.

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