Help! How may I hide AHK?

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Help! How may I hide AHK?

18 Jun 2017, 12:45

Hello there, i'm new here. Here's the deal... I got a very nice recoil script for a game that I play... I think it's harmless since lots of ppl use macros on their mice... use all kinds of scripts...
The problem is, I'm playing on a new server (and some friends from my clan got VIP there, so I have to play for some time with them)... but their server has some sort of plugin or something to detect "third-party scripts" and got banned for using a no-recoil script... and I discovered others players got banned too (dunno if it was the same scripts, since it's free)....

So, I'm getting a new account but i'd like to use the AHK script for no recoil and reticle.. cuz... i suck in thos game PVP but love the game... LOL

I realized that using a .ahk script will call (of course) the AutoHotKey.exe to taskmanager... don't know if that's the way they got me but I thought in "compiling" the .ahk into a .exe .... but ppl told me that could be ever worst (that AntiCheat system from game could get it as hack, didn't know that).... and the other problem is the .exe will need Gdip.ahk even when compiled....

Is there a way to use my recoil scrit with reticle (it's HARMLESS) without getting into trouble again? I mean, I'd like to obfuscate (as some1 told me) or "disguise" the AHK... IDK, what's the best option?

I'm no programmer... I'm no cheater... just want some help to have more fun with the game... is there a way to do that?

Please help me guys! And Thanks!
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Re: Help! How may I hide AHK?

18 Jun 2017, 13:33

Destroyer wrote:I'm no cheater...

That's open to interpretation :D

You might try dll injection; run the script from a dll, from another process space. Do a Google search for it, you'll get a few hits.
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Re: Help! How may I hide AHK?

19 Jun 2017, 06:02

Just because other people cheat does not make you any less of a cheater.
Removing recoil from a game is an unfair advantage and makes it impossible for people without the cheat to compete.

Not only are cheaters like you harming the game you play, you are harming AHK because game makers or server owners start banning AHK (Like they have for your server) meaning that people who wish to do legitimate things with AHK (eg they have a script running which does not even affect the game) can no longer play the game.

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