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Osu! 3 key controls

18 Oct 2017, 13:36

thanks for your time,

for those who don't know osu:
Osu! is a rhythm based game, where you have to aim at circles( and press either button1(which is either z or left mouse button) or button2 (which is either x or right mouse button)) or a slider(where you have to hold down a button and follow the path of the slider). People usually play with just z and x, but I find it more natural to play with 3 buttons, since at least 1 finger is always relaxing. Pressing button one and then button 2 and then again button 1 and so on is called streaming. You can download Osu! for free here https://osu.ppy.sh/

the goal:
to make a ahk program with which i can stream using the z,x AND c keys

the program summary:
whenever you press one button it will send an a input(remapped the ingame z) and when the next button is pressed it will send an s input(remapped the ingame x button)
this way there should never be 2 identical buttons pressed(which would just ignore the second input)

the problem:
My program works great, but sometimes randomly does an input when nothing is pressed, and sometimes doesn't input when a button is pressed

I am looking for one of these:
- Someone to point out how to do it, and tell me how stupid I am to not know that
- Someone to point out why mine isn't working, and how to fix it( and tell me how stupid I am to not know that)
- Someone to suggest another way of approaching this

Thanks beforehand!
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