need help modifying this script made by someone else

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need help modifying this script made by someone else

17 Nov 2017, 22:28

This a tool that help you see which commands work in your game ... -tool-v32/

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I have tested this tool and click command works in my game.
But whenever i write a script using the click command it doesnt work in the game...

I have tired several autoclickers from other websites none of them work in my game expect murgee autoclicker because it has a "brute" click option. But murgee auto clickers requires you to buy the product every time you update windows or reformat the your PC .... so i dont wanna buy that auto clicker.

Can someone help me modify the script in the tool ? I dont understand the code at all.

All i want is a script that clicks in several specified places with a delay between the clicks.
Than waits 30 seconds and starts the loop to keep clicking on those places.
I just need someone to add this function to the script above and show me where they added it so can i change the click coordinates and delay myself.

:headwall: Otherwise can anyone else figure out why the click command and send input work in this script on my game
but when i write a simple script for clicking and sendinput it doesn't work on this game but works fine in other windows,
Just like all the auto clickers i have tired.
I have already tired running stuff as admin.

Thank you
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Re: need help modifying this script made by someone else

18 Nov 2017, 22:12

Some games require larger sleeps between presses before the key is registered correctly, I'm not sure what you've already tried but I've put together a simple test script which may be useful

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In your game press F1 to simulate a click, and with a chat box open press F2 to try 4 different send modes.
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Re: need help modifying this script made by someone else

20 Nov 2017, 12:32

Did you include this bit of the code in your script?

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if not A_IsAdmin
Run *RunAs "%A_ScriptFullPath%"

This makes sure that the script is running as Admin, which is one of the primary causes of scripts not working with games.

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