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league of legends role caller

20 Nov 2017, 06:43

So if any of you know the game league of legends I'm sure you all know you're supposed to call your roles in the lobby after joining a game.
I wanted to make a script so I would not be last and always get the role I want.
I made this script but there's one problem I have to use window spy to make it go to the chat I would like to make it go to the chat automatically even when i change the position of the window.
!R::Run D:\League Of Legends\LeagueClient
!P:: Send, {Click 136, 686}Prebot {enter}
!A:: Send, {click 136, 686}ADC {enter}
!M:: Send, {click 136, 686}Mid {enter}
!T:: Send, {click 136, 686}Top {enter}
!S:: Send, {click136, 686}Supp {enter}
!J:: Send, {click 136, 686}Jungle {enter}

what do I use instead of {click coordinates} to make it automatically find/scan for the chat?

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