Need expert help on a complicated Starcraft script

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Need expert help on a complicated Starcraft script

25 Nov 2017, 09:09

In Starcraft Remastered (Brood War), while a mouse button is held down, keyboard inputs are ignored. To fix this, there as a very clever autohotkey script that simply sent a "mouse button up" signal for all right clicks, and all left clicks except when drag selecting units (aka box select).

This is the script:

However, it does not work with the current Starcaft Remastered and I was wondering if I could get some help fixing it. I got it to work in some cases, but it is hit and miss. Could an autohotkey guru take a look?

Re: Need expert help on a complicated Starcraft script

16 Feb 2018, 16:51

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Now, here in our modern software languages the context equals the syntax which should stay clean, concise, and logically sequential.
I won't fix your problem.
Not even God can understand what your clicking.

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Don't make the script more complex than it naturally acts on the operating system 125Mhz., on repeat at like 32ms intervals

System is above in Priority over the ahk files and the sc2.exe files

You know the problem. KeyBoards broke...... jk

We need to. Just ask Starcraft to not over-ride the mouse & Keyboard by placing script on system level.

and not changing security access privileges. just *run as admin**....

finally., attach your own readme.txt to help explain in depth of what every line calls, points, or does. GGwp
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while cliking mouse, input keyboard

15 Jun 2018, 19:47

i gonna play starcraft but stuck with problem.
While i press mouse button, it blocks keyboard inputs. just in starcraft not in other games.
so ive search with google to solve problem but i found just the clue from here

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and im still struggle with same problem.
with that source it shows 'fail' so i changed some source last few words

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#ifWinActive Brood War



*$LButton UP::

yeah it works just for right mouse button.
however still have same problem blocking keyboard inputs.
i think with right mouse button i dont need to change it.
but left one...

if i press 1a and click left button, its okay but problem is while i clicking, press 2 and its block.
it sounds silllly but if u guys play starcraft, u need to press fast.
some guys said just after click perfectly and press keyboard, but i wanna solve this problem.
plz give me a tips.....

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