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minecraft typing script

11 Dec 2017, 00:44

I've been making this script, it's supposed to type messages from file into minecraft.
unfortunately i've ran into complications that make it impossible.

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Sleep, 1000
Loop, Read, stuff.txt
send t
sleep, 100
	ClipBoard := A_LoopReadLine
	sleep 700

	Send, ^v
	sleep, 700
	Send {enter}

	Sleep, 2000
The results are very inconsistent. Before, it was a lot worse, a lot of actions didnt happen, so I added the pauses. But now the issue is that 50% of the time, ^v won't happen.

why is this?

Also it's the issue with the minecraft client, in notepad it's always consistent.
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Re: minecraft typing script

11 Dec 2017, 02:16

You don't need any Sleep between ClipBoard := A_LoopReadLine and Send, ^v. You could try increasing some of the other Sleeps, or looking for some way to confirm success, instead of using Sleep.

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