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Basic question

21 Jan 2018, 11:13

I've just started using AHK, so this question is basic. Nevertheless, I need help with debugging something I made.

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; do nothing
} else {
; send, g


Essentially, I am saying that when I press y, the program will check if I am holding shift. If I am holding shift, the program will stop. Otherwise, if I am not holding shift, then g will be typed. I have looked at a few tutorials, and I can't find my error. :(
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Re: Basic question

21 Jan 2018, 12:53

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If(!GetKeyState("Shift")) ;if NOT holding shift
;if NOT holding shift do nothing
} else {
;ELSE if holding shift send g

The above is what the code translates to

Looks like you had it backwards, a simple fix is just remove the !
or you can swap the code inside the brackets.

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;condensed code
if (!GetKeyState("shift")) ;if NOT holding shift
send g
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Re: Basic question

21 Jan 2018, 13:03

Hi JkrAbram,

I can't find my error

Your code does quite the opposite; that is, it does nothing precisely if you're not holding shift; remove the logical not in front of the GetKeyState call:

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If (GetKeyState("Shift"))
return ; end the subroutine
; otherwise...
MsgBox, OK

I suggest you using a #If context-sensitive double-colon hotkey instead (though in this particular case, practically, it simply allows Y - that is y in upper case - to be typed): actually the first code will block a priori each variant of y contrary to this other one:

Hope this helps

@Spawnova looks like you outstriped me...

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