WoW: Combining "AutoFire", doubletap+toggle, keywait, and modifier keys

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WoW: Combining "AutoFire", doubletap+toggle, keywait, and modifier keys

16 Feb 2018, 10:23

Below is the script I've been using to spam keys while held down with a keywait function to not impede normal typing in World of Warcraft. This is my very amateur effort at combining two other scripts I found searching through here. The problem is holding a modifier key (shift, alt, ctrl) does not work. I would also love it if I could double tap a key to activate a toggle hook to spam until pressed again. The examples I've found here are beyond my comprehension at the moment. I'm sure given enough reading I could figure out a hack job of someone elses code, but I'm a busy/lazy man and want to know if its even possible. Another concern is the level of automation; would this result in a ban even though I will be at the keyboard the entire time? Any help/comments are appreciated, even if its a disparaging remark.

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