2 mouses, 1 cursor, axis locking

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2 mouses, 1 cursor, axis locking

16 Feb 2018, 18:26

Hi fellas,

I've looked around quite a bit, and have found different scripts that do different aspects of my specific use case. Please help me get started and/or find a solution =D

I have 2 mouses, 1 for each hand, I would like to use each mouse to move the single cursor on the screen in different axis. The right mouse would move only the X axis, and the left mouse would move only the Y axis. I need to lock the axis of each mouse that doesn't move.

I'm going to be using this for a game called Osu!, it's a fairly fast paced game that requires quite a high polling rate from my mouse; I'm guessing I should also look into Raw Mouse Input to retain the high polling rates from each mouse?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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