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Script not displaying selection  Topic is solved

21 Feb 2018, 04:35


New to autohotkey, but trying to write some code, whereby the user can read a file (which displays in a GUI), select a line, double click it, and have that print to the screen.
It's for use in a game, wherein you have to input a dirty great chunk of letters/numbers - which is a pain.

I've got it to the point where is displays the GUI and allows the user to select input, but it won't actually echo it to the screen. There are a couple of other bugs, but this one is a show stopper.

Here's the code:

Code: [Select all] [Expand] [Download] (Untitled.ahk)GeSHi © Codebox Plus

Input file contents:

Texas 15/02/18 6B00605F-773EC3C2-BE6AB0F2-01326EDE-F2D830FE-CD4F8069-34686E73
Omicron Gamma 15/02/18 A4FF0828-67C6B29A-3F4C3973-ADCD3924-CED3CBF2-66E69E6F-34652073
Galileo 15/02/18 A5FE7753-7F1BB6A8-B9AFBEF6-A9ECF85E-F03EA7A2-FB5E866E-35337726

Any help gratefully accepted.


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