Healing script

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Healing script

25 Feb 2018, 06:26

Hi there,

I've seen a few post across the internet about something called pixelsearch / pixelgetcolor or something similar and I would like to be able to utilize something like that myself.

I play a game called World of Warcraft and I would like to be able to "track" the health of the party members, however I do not wish to automate alot of actions just that when health reaches, say 50% I would like it to send a key or two.

So what I had in mind is, when I press a key it checks if health bar or bars (if playing in group) is ok, if not. It will send a key.

Now for someone with no knowledge, how do I go about to do something like this? Perhaps a visual and audio explanation or a workable script I could read through?

To recap: Track health, if health is low -> send a keybind.

Below is a screenshot of my health bars if thats to any help.
Best regards

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