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Random Number Generator  Topic is solved

06 Mar 2018, 23:54

Hello, im new to AHK and i made a first script. Its a basic spamming script

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Right now all it does is spam "I'm leveling up!!" in chat but i want to upgrade it so that it chooses random phrase out of 3 (or maybe more if possible) like this i guess, here's a kinda "sketch"

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this is what i think it will look like, but ive tired alot of stuff and the script isnt working. I'm sorry if i'm pretty dumb now XD. I basically want the same spam script but make it so that i chooses and random phrase each time. Some help on random number generators will be helpful :D . Generally, i just want to learn how to do this and some tips for me as a beginner. Thx for the help :thumbup:

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Re: Random Number Generator

07 Mar 2018, 03:24

could you please explain your problem with 1 sentense? that we dont need to read all. thaanks :)

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