Script to use hotkeys for low and high dpi. Topic is solved

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Script to use hotkeys for low and high dpi.  Topic is solved

19 Apr 2018, 12:24

Hi guys,
Hi,i was searching bunch of forums to find the proper software or guide.But my problem is that i simply want to bind hotkeys on the keyboard Logitech g11 to change mouse sensivity while pressing couple of buttons ingame. For example to have in the Game Fortnite My Q , F ,V , T buttons binded so the make my Mouse DPI higher or windows sensivity and 1 , 2 ,3 ,4 buttons turn it lower. or back to default windows sensivity.Can someone suggest a software or a script? I can only bind "G" Keys that are not in use at all for me in the logitech gaming software.
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Re: Script to use hotkeys for low and high dpi.

20 Apr 2018, 05:58

LGS will not see any keys sent by AHK, and I know of no way around that.
The only thing I know how to do is implement my own DPI switch by hiding some of the input. sample script 3

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