Autohotkey - Run only parts of the script Topic is solved

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Autohotkey - Run only parts of the script  Topic is solved

19 Apr 2018, 18:04

**Hello everyone! I recently started experimenting with autohotkey. In this particular script i need help with isolating and only running a part of the script.

This Autohotkey script interacts with a game. I have playable Characters A - D. I want to automatically activate a macro depending on the choosen character. (And also deactivate any other macros if the Character is beeing switched) To determine which character is beeing picked i use the IMAGESEARCH command.

Now my Question: is it possible to only run one macro of multiple ones inside the same script? As far as i'm concerned i get problems with "same hotkey already present" errors. It would be really nice if this was somehow possible, altough i couldn't find anything particular about this as it's kinda hard to describe and search for.

I'm very very thankful for all answers you can give me to this topic :)**

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