Can Someone help me write this script/code

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Can Someone help me write this script/code

21 Apr 2018, 01:32

hi guys?
can someone help me code a script
the idea of the script is to target a text box and continuously copy and pasting stuff even if it runs in background
like for example

Code: [Select all] [Expand] [Download] (Untitled.ahk)GeSHi © Codebox Plus

I want this to be looped in the discord chat even I minimized the window.

Thanks for the help.
// I'm willing to learn via examples.
// Era_Scarecrow (from sent me this dont know how it works so I can't integrate it yet to my script.

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Re: Can Someone help me write this script/code

22 Apr 2018, 18:49

All scripts have a purpose -- a goal. know the goal and you know how to proceed to get to it. What is the goal of looping "Lemons!" into a discord chat box? Know too that sending text to a background window is not a straightforward process and a minimized window even worse. So what's the goal here?
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