PixelSearch for "pop up" multi color variation

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PixelSearch for "pop up" multi color variation

16 May 2018, 07:53

Into may favourite game ... I have one pop-up daily and I need to click it for go on.
I know time when it appear but only if I'm on-line ... if not ... it appear when I access the game

I have many account and many "session" ... I start one single session from time clock ... but I think to have one single "Persistant" routine (for all session) to check IF in specific pixel position are 4 or 5 consequential colour change (i know the HEX colour) and THEN MouseClick in specific positions.

My idea .. not tested ... but applicable to some other "casuality" in the game:

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one things at time and ... sorry for my bad english :oops:

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