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Prglnch: Yet Another Game Launcher

Posted: 13 Mar 2017, 08:09
by lmstearn

What does it do?



    Selectable Resolution for Prg
    Batch Processing of Prgs
    Prg Info Stored in ini File
    Support for Prg on Multiple Displays
    Http Download to Update Prg
    Optional LAA patch which can be Applied to Prg
    An Additional Serving of Delectable Oddities Available to Prg of Limited Perceivable Use

Accompanied by a bunch of explanatory ramblings wrapped up in a contextual help file.

1.1 Update:
    Fix Prg removal while active in both test and batch modes
    Fixed launch splash not showing when Status_doubleclick
    Fixed no updates on active on select a new preset
    Disabled Buttons during launch
    Improved Prg Cancel Routines
1.2 Update:
    Pictorial Aids added to Help: Getting Started
    Fixed Prgs not running in additional monitors
    Enhanced, repaired and refactored multi-monitor functionality
    Extra Ini file settings
    Repaired the Prg cleanup routine
    Improved Res changes switching from PrgLnch to Prgs
1.2.1 Update:
    Help file enhancements
1.2.2 Update:
    Fixed clipped Properties Screen
    Fixed unused monitor slots 0
    Fixed All Compatible Res modes
    Click Monitor for Tooltip info
1.2.3 Update:
    Fixed Make Shortcut check for Prgs 10-12
    Fixed Wrong Working directory in Lnch
1.2.4 Update:
    Fixed Shortcuts once more
1.2.5 Beta:
    Fix WorkigDir_BackTo:
    Kill Props on GoConfig

Requirements: Windows- (Mostly)

Download all files at Github
Download Script & Executable at the Assimilation Lab.
(Compiled form is recommended as running the script won't get the help file)

Re: Prglnch: Yet Another Game Launcher

Posted: 23 Mar 2017, 10:24
by SnowFlake
Looks great but i don't really know how to use it :/

Re: Prglnch: Yet Another Game Launcher

Posted: 23 Mar 2017, 22:36
by lmstearn
@SnowFlake: Thanks, yep, it was actually a bit buggy. The current iteration doesn't work well at all on other monitors. Looking at getting a new version up on the weekend.
The description in help "Getting Started" definitely has a wall-o-text feel to it. Perhaps a few pics in there to open it up some. :)

Re: Prglnch: Yet Another Game Launcher

Posted: 24 Mar 2017, 05:52
by SnowFlake
Thank you i cant wait until the weekend then :D good work