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Dota macros - Dota scripts AutoHotkey

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Is using macros considered as cheating?

Quick answer: they aren't cheats, you can't get banned for using macros since it is detected as key inputs but you can get spectated in a ranked game and the replay can be sent to Valve.

Macros do not hack the game, most gaming mouses and keyboards allow that. But they do not reflect your true skill that is why I think it is fine if you are using them in pub games or in arcade (especially in coop versus AI) only because those are party games. Though macros won't improve your game sense, like knowing where to be, what to do, what is the adequate pick or build. Macros can be used if you are a casual player or you are staying in a low MMR because those types of games aren't for you. They will allow you to play a wider range of heroes and to pick those hard to master without penalizing your team, otherwise you would be forced to stick with a basic right clicker in every game to not be reported.
I think heroes with spammable spells can be tolerated in ranked like for example Bristleback, to avoid breaking your keyboard while mashing q and w.


- Set every spells and items to quickcast. Every shortcuts here are those by default.
- I recommend you to use the key ` (at the left of the 1 button) for your main macro. In Dota it is used for the scoreboard, remove the shortcut for it.
- For the courrier I recommend you to use the shortcut "g".
- The action are queud, avoid spells with long cast animations (time to do the spell) and backswing (time without using a new command, auto-attacking is affected too). This is why I recommend you to start with items in your macro.
The list of every abilities, you can sort them by cast point and backswing: ... backswings

Basic script

This script closes the chat, select your hero then queue your abilities. I haven't included the b and n key inputs to put your refresher, heals, tp scrolls, etc. I remove the c key input when I use the shadow blade because this is where I place it, so adapt the macro.
You can end with a single spell, for example with Nature Prophet it queues "zxcvq" to use every items then sprout.

Code: Select all

SendInput, {esc}{F1}s{shift down}zxcvrqwedf{shift up}
Advices on items and abilities' order

When you queue your ability if you start with a blademail make sur you will quickly get in range to attack your enemy with a blink dagger just after. You can use a disabler before the blademail like an orchid to make sure the blademail will be used once you will be in range.

Do not use in priority an item with a small cast range like for example a nullifier, because your heroe will need to be close to the enemy to cast it then will use the other items. Use a blink dagger first or get close with a shadow blade.

For safer blink you can use hex before blinking because if your heroe is facing the wrong direction after blinking that will delay the cast of the other items (though the enemy will need to have a very good reaction time or see you coming).

- Shiva
- Cloak
- Blademail
- Glimmer Cape
- Lotus Orb

- Blink dagger

Items with travel speed:
- Ethereal blade
- Nullifier
- Rod of Atos

Strong disablers:
- Scythe of Vyse
- Orchid
- Halberd

- Diffusal blade
- Solar Crest

Items active:
- almost every items with an active including Necronomicon

Items with an aura:
- Drum of Endurance
- Pipe of Insight

- Every abilities without cast animation then use progressively the ability with the highest cast animation unless they need a specific order of execution like a damage amplification.

Rat macro:

- necronomicon
- manta style
- drum of endurance

The use your shortcut to select other units shortcutm I recommend you the shortcut F3. Use F2 for all units and F1 for your hero.

Looping script

Here is another script, it loops. Toggle it On or Off with the ` key. Use the minimum amount of inputs to avoid lags and abilities with no cast animations. The backswing is avoided since it's not queued, to avoid the auto-attack backswing you can add a "Click, right" bellow the SendInput. It could make your hero do less attacks if you can't track the enemy with the mouse. The riht click can also be used with {tab} to switch between every controlled units and move them to the cursor.

Code: Select all

Toggle = 0
#MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2

SendInput, {esc}{F1}
Toggle := !Toggle
While Toggle{
	SendInput, zxcvrqwedf{tab}
	sleep 75
Here are a set of script you an use in a loop

Fast click. Minimum sleep 1.

Code: Select all

Click, right
Call the courrier. Minimum sleep 50:

Code: Select all

SendInput, g
Instapick (this one picks Bristleback). Minimum sleep 75.

Code: Select all

Click, left, 455, 224
sleep 10
Click, left, 1482, 794
sleep 75
Quickly re-enter a lobby. Minimum sleep 1:

Code: Select all

Click, left, 960, 613
Click, left, 1500, 889
Scripts you can use (not looped):

This script will quickly buy an healing salve and a mango then call the courier, you can adjust it to only buy one item:

Code: Select all

MouseGetPos, xpos, ypos
Click, 1730, 1050 ;shop
Click, right, 1655, 414 ;mango
Click, right, 1660, 375 ;salve
MouseMove, %xpos%, %ypos%
SendInput, {esc}g
Bonus macros:

You can add a taunt shortcut at the end of a macro if you want.

Auto laugh: it will trigger the laugh of your hero every 14 seconds:

Code: Select all

SendInput, {esc}
Toggle := !Toggle
While Toggle{
	SendInput, {esc}
	sleep 10
	SendInput, {enter}
	sleep 10
	SendInput, /laugh
	sleep 10
	SendInput, {esc}
	sleep 10
	SendInput, {enter}
	sleep 10
	SendInput, {esc}
	sleep 14000

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