Macros for Age of Empires II HD

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Macros for Age of Empires II HD

09 Feb 2018, 11:36

Here is a script with macros for Age of Empires II. It works with the numbpad and you must hold the keys. This script works well if you have a lot of building to create the same units so they spawn in wave all at once. With the goth I suggest creating huskarl with 20 barracks with a lot of houses and ressources, then hold the key and in the map do arcs with the cursor, starting from behind the enemy base, to the middle of their base and the front so all the units are spreads everywhere to attack their entire base at once and to have vision of their entire base and find hidden bases. Even if the ennemy has units to counter you, the huskarl are very fast and immune to villagers and offensive buildings and great on killing villagers and damaging buildings.

1 key: it selects every town center, create villagers and send them back to work

2 key: selects a villager idle and do the shortcut to build a farm

3 key: it select idle villagers and kill them, it's very useful to have a macro like that because in multiplayer it's so laggy that selecting a group and holding delete doesn't work well

4 key: it selects every barracks and create halberdier and sets the gather point

5 key: it selects every archery range and create skirmishers and sets the gather point

6 key: it selects every castles and create your unique unit and sets the gather point (change this macro to select the barracks for the Goth, you can also change it for the cavalry archers for the Huns and Mongols)

7 key: moves idle infantry to the cursor

The script:

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