The Game Script Beta 1

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The Game Script Beta 1

23 Feb 2018, 09:34

Hey everyone,

Here a little something I made. The code is still in beta and the autopot feature is not working.. yet. However most of the code is working and almost bugg free. 99% of the code is my own, and where I borrowed code I mentioned it. Most lines of code come with some form of comment/explenation

Naamloos.png (17.46 KiB) Viewed 449 times

This tool can be used to map you're own key's and send them some application. However the main goal for it is to be used with games.

The script comes with some features but the most basic are:
AutoPot (not working, yet)
Send a key at specific intervall.
Sequence key's.
A featured list-view key remapper, remap any keyboard mouse or joystic button.
A profile for each game added to the script.
The abillity to add you're own code to the script.

Add Steam support.
Finish the autopot feature
Check code for buggs, check for bad spelling and style
Add mouse over tooltip discption

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Re: The Game Script Beta 1

24 Feb 2018, 02:57

very nice i like the layout of the gui

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