A New Clicker Heroes Bot

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A New Clicker Heroes Bot

02 Mar 2018, 14:52

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Re: A New Clicker Heroes Bot

02 Mar 2018, 15:12

This Bot is just something I threw together since Sw1ftBot hasn't been looked after very well in some time.
It is nowhere near as smart as Sw1ft's but it will do the trick for a single ascension.
The bot works best after 1-2 transcensions as the speed you earn heroes is much better after Phandoryss/Chor level a bit.
The bot is designed with a 69px border on the top edge (chrome sans bookmark bar).
I would however be keen on tweaking a couple variables and allowing many UrI bar sizes and non for the steam version.
It, like others, was designed with graphics on low and doesn't do well with stuff on the sides (in fact it probably only works in 1080p 16:9)
This would be something else I would like to add in but I'm afraid I don't have enough of the maths to scale my coordinates for multiple resolutions.
If you press {Pause} it will Reload the script and break the mainLoop should it go haywire
Lastly if you switch windows or close clicker heroes it will not exit the bot or reload but will count time in the background
there is an optional alert when your quests are done (the time it takes to alert you/start new quests can be adjusted easily if you don't do every quest the shortest length as often as possible.)


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