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League Of Legends - Tools

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League of Legends - Tools Collection


This tool is not complete.
It is an updated, revised and fixed amalgam of Sanctus' Picker and Ruevil2's Tools.
I will probably update it soon™.
If you find any bugs, please report them in this thread.

  • Auto-Login
  • Multiple Account Support
      -- Handles any number of accounts.
      -- Choose account from tray menu, defaults to first account upon opening.
  • Auto-Join Queue
      -- Champion picker will be fired on 5v5 Blind & 3v3 Blind.
    • 5v5
      • 5v5 Blind
      • 5v5 Draft
      • 5v5 Ranked
    • 3v3
      • 3v3 Blind
      • 3v3 Ranked
    • ARAM
    • Rotating Game Mode
  • Auto Accept Game
      -- Note: Will not work if client isn't focused (league client popup on match found isn't considered focus) Needs update._
      -- Will work if you don't alt tab or recover focus.
  • Automatic Champ List Update
      -- Links to 6 Different build pages for each champion._
      -- Free champions are indicated by a larger icon.
  • Champion Sales
      -- Shows current champion sales in a list.
      -- Shows original price -> sale price.
  • Skin Sales
      -- Shows current skin sales in a list.
      -- Clicking one of these links shows a pic of the skin.
  • Streamers
      -- Loads the Top 100 streamers list from Twitch.tv, ranked by viewer count.
  • Change VO/Text (Needs update)
      -- This tool allows you to change the voice and text packs to a different language.
      -- This will cause the launcher to update/download the new packs.
  • Screen-Edge Move (Needs update)
      -- This prevents the mouse from moving your view when it touches the edge of + the screen.
  • Auto Update (Not implemented)


    F12 Reload


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