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Re: old versions of AutoHotkey

02 Sep 2017, 16:19

Cheers justjames283. I managed to find a 4-line quick fix to get it working in the current AHK v1.1 version.
AFC - AutoHotkey Foundation Classes v0.1 (Includes OOP GUI) - AutoHotkey Community

One interesting script that needs a specific version of AutoHotkey Basic to run is this script:
AutoHotkey-scripts-by-others/calc.ahk at master · jeeswg/AutoHotkey-scripts-by-others · GitHub
It needs a specific version because it's dependent on it for the low-level functions that it uses.

It's quite disconcerting because various versions of AutoHotkey on Internet Archive, that I was able to download in the past, are no longer available there! So more reason to add old AHK v1.1 versions to the download page. Thanks.

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